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• 5/29/2018

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• 12/17/2015

Important update - Looking for people to takeover Penguin Warriors

Since I have quitted Club Penguin ((and yes, their community too)), I lost total interest in continuing Penguin Warriors. But, I'll feel really sad if this project is just sitting there never being used. So I will be looking for people to takeover Penguin Warriors!
Before I start explaining my expectations, since user:Flufffylight7 hasn't been on for like 2 years, I just really feel like she'll probably be put off the project if she never comes back online. I've been waiting 2 years but still I've heard nothing from her. I'd like to thank her for putting all of this amazing work in this project, animating takes time and energy to do and is very challenging. I bet the trailer toke alot of effort to put on! Every frame is putten in effort trying to switch drawings to make the video come alive. Just imagine how hard it is, even doing just an animation that takes 5 frames. Without her and her amazing effort to put this project come alive, we wouldn't of had a very animated well trailer and we wouldn't even have started this project! Thank you so much Marshmallow, even though you probably wont see this for a few years.
But if somehow user:Flufffylight7  comes back online again while this contest is still going on, either I would cancel this contest and leave the project all up to her or still choose the winner and let her be one of the founders with the winner. Please welcome her again to join your project, even if you're still in the process of making it. I feel like it would be regretful if we just have her quit this project and never come back with all her hard work.
Starting off, I'm looking for a person to takeover Penguin Warriors. Also this doesn't have to be an animated project again, it could be a comic, story, whatever floats your boat.
I am expecting the founder of this series to be respectfulness toward all people who participate in the project and the fans, if there are any still XD.
If you are wanting to be the founder of this project and you want to do something that involves art, I might be picky so please don't say "oh em gee ur meeen u said my art bad!!1!!11!!" or something like that, I would appreciate if you respect my opinion.
All people can participate, even my friends.
Once you've won the competition, you win the prize of being the new founder of this project. You may change anything in this project: Characters and personalities, the title of the project, wiki design, logo design, plot, changing this to a fanime, etc. I mean anything! Please don't ever ask me if you want to change something in this project, because you can change anything you like! It's your project now and it's your choices! The only thing I'd suggest to not change is the fact that this is an action show and not change it into a non action show. I'm not telling that you have to make it action but if you do really want it to not be action, then go ahead.
PLEASE enter if you know that you will do this project, I seriously don't want this to be sitting around and never being finished.
To enter, simply comment that you'd like to be the new founder of this project and what you will do to make this project ((make it animated again, make a comic, typed up story, etc)) and maybe some explaining why you want to be the new founder? ;w;
If you are doing something that involves art, please show some of the artwork you've made.
Deadline: January 10th, 2015 ((I might extend it if I don't get enough entries or I get none))
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• 1/8/2015

Ideas and thoughts about Club Penguin Warriors

Sorry if I sound rude. Please remember that these are my opinions and that does not mean you have to change it.
1.Too much like Sailor Moon
I feel as if this is too much like Sailor Moon (a special animal makes somebody into a superhero and they don't they can handle it).
2. Characters
I feel as if the characters are too unoriginal. They are a puffle colour and they have that personality.They protect that something of that colour and have a Japanese name. Ex: A penguin all in red that is adventurous and protects volcanos. Her name is Kasai.
3. Having a penguin have a crush/be shy around a penguin named Drake
I feel as if that is unoriginal as Drake is the "hot" name for penguins.
4. Google Translate?
It seemed is if you said you were going to translate Penguin Warriors into Japanese. NEVER use Google Translate as it always comes out as rude, inappropriate, or a random mess of words that makes no sense at all. Also pronouncation is very important in a Japanese and I think that the voice actors would have trouble pronouncing it correctly. 
5. Music
You don't have to go through all the trouble of recording music. Club Penguin has a lot of good music.You could describe the scene to me (or show me the animation when the scene is complete) and I could link you to the .swf.
Again,sorry if this sounded rude and remember that these are my opinions and thoughts so you don't have to use/change it. Dang it, this whole thing got deleted so I had to rewrite it.
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• 1/3/2015

"Penguin Skin"

I just wanted to say that you should put feather color instead of penguin skin.
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• 9/24/2014

Yes another update.. Read.

Okay.. So since something strange happened to the animator (I don't know what happened..), I might get a new animator to be in her job until she comes back. The new animator seems a little inactive on the internet, but not as much as the real animator.
If the new animator and real animator do not come back in a long time, I may have to regret it and be the animator until the real animator comes back. But since I don't really want to animate, in some scenes I will not animate it.
I'm really worried about the real animator either she's gonna come back sometime or never. But I'm never gonna take away her job, she doesn't deserve to be fired.
I really really hope the real animator (aka Flufffylight7) comes back, and I hope you do too. If the real animator finally comes back, then Penguin Warriors can go on accuratelly.
I'm not mad at the real animator, I'm just sad about it. I'll be very active on this wiki until she comes back, then I can go whenever I want.
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• 8/31/2014

Huge update (PLEASE READ!!)

So for Penguin Warriors the animator User:Flufffylight7 somehow isn't active on the internet anymore for like 8 months.. I'll just wait till she comes back, I don't really want to be animator because it's kind of too hard for me to animate like her..
The reason why I'm not picking another animator is because I cannot find anymore animators that can animate CP shows. They mostly say "It's too hard", "I can't do it, sorry :(", "I'm sorry but I cannot do it", etc. She's the only animator I know who can actually animate stuff. I'm being patient for waiting for the animator to say that she's back on the internet now, I don't wanna take away her job she doesn't deserve to have her job taken away! She worked so hard on the animations I don't wanna take her job away.
I'll give her the time to come back on until November or December. If she doesn't come back until November or December, I'll take the regret and just be the animator. But that doesn't mean she gets her job taken away, I'll just wait more and be the animator until she comes back. I can probably wait a year, but 2 years is probably too long.
I'm so so sorry about the wait for episode 1. We'll see in the future if she says she's finally online or not.
I miss her very very much and I'm hoping that she comes back maybe somewhere in September or in the next 3 months.
And no this does not mean that Penguin Warriors is gonna be cancelled, it will still be going on.
Thank you for reading this very important message..
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• 8/29/2014

I'm mad right now..

Youtube deleted all of the messages from deactiviated accounts including user:flufffylight7, I really needed those messages :(. I'm really mad at Youtube for doing this.
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• 8/21/2014


I'm gonna change some names in PW.. I'm also not happy with the name Susu has, so I'm gonna change it soon.
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• 8/10/2014

NEW: Penguin Warriors Newsletter

Hello Penguin Warriors community,
I'm doing something new called "Penguin Warriors Newsletter". Well every week there's a Penguin Warriors newsletter that's mostly about updates. The newsletter will be posted either by me or the PW workers (if they want to get a chance to post one). So yeah...
The first PW newsletter will be posted on the 11th, 12th, or 13th.
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• 8/9/2014

Updating Characters + Needing New Characters (READ)

Hi. On Monday I will be updating the PW characters information. I will also add more new information to pages that don't have that much info like Tasha. If you suggested a new character a long time ago and you do not want me to add more new information I made up, please tell me today or tomorrow. If you don't want me to add new information to your character, that means you're going to add more information to the character. Most of our pages didn't have that much sentences and I want people to get to know the characters. 
We also need new characters, so feel free to comment down a character you want to add.
Thank you :)
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• 7/22/2014

Another very important update + New Job

I'm sorry for being very inactive and not updating stuff. The reason why I was inactive here is because I'm addicted to Twitter and I post alot of tweets so much I somehow forgot about Penguin Warriors. Also I talk to someone a heck alot that I don't really want to work on this series. I also noticed that some people aren't going on Penguin Warriors anymore because of my inactivity.
The Penguin Warriors community may be changing for reasons:

The animator somehow started to be inactive on Youtube, a few months later she closed her Youtube account. It looks like she is inactive on the P.W. website also. I don't know what happened to her, she might of been grounded from the computer for a long time or something. There might be a replacement for the animator. (if you are the animator and you are reading this, please come talk to me)
There might be some inactive P.W. workers, too. If you're a P.W. worker and you think you'll be inactive for some type of day, come talk to me.
I decided I should communicate with the P.W. workers on email instead of Youtube. I don't really like the new Youtube messaging system, Gmail could be better.
Another thing: I wanted to make a new job called "The 2nd creator". The 2nd creator does things just almost does the things the creator (me) does, except for some things.
A 2nd creator can:

Change information
Create new information for characters, items, and places
Post Penguin Warriors updates
But the 2nd creator cannot change the title, theme, and website look.
I also have a question for all of you (including people who do not work for PW), please reply your honest answer.
Should I work on Penguin Warriors alot to make me really active or should I work on Penguin Warriors a short amount of time each day to pervent stress?
Thank you for reading.
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• 1/13/2014

I gotta know......

I really don't want to mad so I'm just wondering if your using my ideas

I won't be mad I just wanna know
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• 1/12/2014

Important Update~

Please read here:
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• 12/12/2013


I'm wondering if the cursor works on this wiki. If its not showing, clear your cache. Then see if it works. Please tell me if it works or not.. If it doesn't work, i'll fix it again.
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• 12/11/2013

Penguin Warriors Cursor Contest Results

I'm sorry that I deleted the voting thingy, it kinda was a bad idea that I made.. shame on me XD
Anyways, the results are finally here! YAY!! :D xD
I loved all of your entries, so since there are only 4 entries only 3 can be the winners.. Its a struggle but I need to do it. If you were the only one who didn't won, don't worry! There is no shame. You were awesome at your entry! Its just that only 3 can be the winners.
Here we go *gulp XD*
3rd place goes to..

drum rolls*
Damienangrybirds! Congrats!
Here is his entry:

Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})Comment: The entry was very cool! Its nice to put your character in the cursor. Overall, great job :)
2nd place goes to..
Iheartcowsalso! Congrats!
Take a look at her awesome entry:

Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})Comment: That was very nice! I liked how you just got a part from the Penguin Warriors trailer and then turned it into a cursor. You added some shadows to the cursor. Well, that was a fabulous entry!
1st place goes to..

epic drum roll*
Starrycats! Congrats!
Take a look at her amazing entry!:

Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})Comment: O... M... G... That was perfect! It really fits into Penguin Warriors! I really liked the font, it really fits into Penguin Warriors. You also used my favorite color, AWESOME! XD. Anyways, your entry was very cool! Overall.... amazing entry!!
I loved all of your entries! I wasn't expecting to get only 4 entries.. but its fine though :)
Starrycats will pick her prizes first.. 
Thank you for entering!~
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• 11/24/2013

Pet keeper?

is any one going to make a pic of petkeeper because i want to try to draw a pic...of at lest try my best
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• 11/22/2013

what does Dr.hawk look like

I would take my time to draw Dr.hawk.....but what does he look like...or can it be made up
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• 11/22/2013

Penguin Warriors Cursor Contest!!

I do not think I had made a contest for a couple of days, so I decided to make a cursor contest.
I want to make a cursor but I don't know what image the cursor should be, so how about a cursor contest? Maybe that will help.
I'll start talking about the contest:
Please read the following rules:

No copying
Don't insult other people's entries
Do not add any inappropriate stuff
The size does not matter, you can make it any size.

Not my best, but you can do better than me I bet :)Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})Stuff you need to know about prizes: If you got 1st place, you pick 3 prizes. If you got 2nd place, you pick 2 prizes. If you got 3rd place, you pick only 1 prize. The person who won 1st place will get to pick first. The person who won 2nd place will pick after the person who won 1st place. The person who won 3rd place will pick last. For example, A got 1st place. I will tell A to pick 3 prizes first. After that, B is 2nd place. I will tell B to pick 2 prizes next. C is 3rd place, I will tell C to pick last.
I setted up the prizes in a different way, so it may be a fun choice to do.

Membership code
1 shaded drawing their penguin
1 lineart drawing of their penguin
An interview
Chat mod
Featured in a episode
I will add more prizes later. If you have any ideas for the prizes, please tell me.
If you are new here, here is how to upload and post your entry:

Step 1: Go to a page and scroll below and press "Add a Photo" and upload your photo
Step 2: Go to this theard and click the little picture thingy.
Step 3: Click on your entry and post it.

Entry by @CPErnestoC on TwitterIheartcowsAlso's entryAdd a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})If you have any questions, please post a message in my message wall or ask it here.
Thank you :)
-Toria (a.k.a the author of Penguin Warriors)
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• 11/19/2013


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• 11/3/2013

Vote For A Chat Moderator

Hello! Today i'm starting a vote for a chat moderator cause I may not be online alot in my website so I need a chat moderator to watch the chat incase anybody harms someone or bullys someone etc. The vote starts now :P
If nobody votes, i'll just choose :P
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