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• 7/22/2014

Another very important update + New Job

I'm sorry for being very inactive and not updating stuff. The reason why I was inactive here is because I'm addicted to Twitter and I post alot of tweets so much I somehow forgot about Penguin Warriors. Also I talk to someone a heck alot that I don't really want to work on this series. I also noticed that some people aren't going on Penguin Warriors anymore because of my inactivity.

The Penguin Warriors community may be changing for reasons:

  • The animator somehow started to be inactive on Youtube, a few months later she closed her Youtube account. It looks like she is inactive on the P.W. website also. I don't know what happened to her, she might of been grounded from the computer for a long time or something. There might be a replacement for the animator. (if you are the animator and you are reading this, please come talk to me)
  • There might be some inactive P.W. workers, too. If you're a P.W. worker and you think you'll be inactive for some type of day, come talk to me.
  • I decided I should communicate with the P.W. workers on email instead of Youtube. I don't really like the new Youtube messaging system, Gmail could be better.

Another thing: I wanted to make a new job called "The 2nd creator". The 2nd creator does things just almost does the things the creator (me) does, except for some things.

A 2nd creator can:

  • Change information
  • Create new information for characters, items, and places
  • Post Penguin Warriors updates

But the 2nd creator cannot change the title, theme, and website look.

I also have a question for all of you (including people who do not work for PW), please reply your honest answer.

Should I work on Penguin Warriors alot to make me really active or should I work on Penguin Warriors a short amount of time each day to pervent stress?

Thank you for reading.

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• 7/22/2014
Do it a short amount because a lot of stress causes distress.
• 7/26/2014

I know we dont talk much, but sense im not working on Hate anymore i could be 2nd creator... i guess

For the question: Only work on it for a short amount of time.. 

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