Huge update (PLEASE READ!!)

So for Penguin Warriors the animator User:Flufffylight7 somehow isn't active on the internet anymore for like 8 months.. I'll just wait till she comes back, I don't really want to be animator because it's kind of too hard for me to animate like her..

The reason why I'm not picking another animator is because I cannot find anymore animators that can animate CP shows. They mostly say "It's too hard", "I can't do it, sorry :(", "I'm sorry but I cannot do it", etc. She's the only animator I know who can actually animate stuff. I'm being patient for waiting for the animator to say that she's back on the internet now, I don't wanna take away her job she doesn't deserve to have her job taken away! She worked so hard on the animations I don't wanna take her job away.

I'll give her the time to come back on until November or December. If she doesn't come back until November or December, I'll take the regret and just be the animator. But that doesn't mean she gets her job taken away, I'll just wait more and be the animator until she comes back. I can probably wait a year, but 2 years is probably too long.

I'm so so sorry about the wait for episode 1. We'll see in the future if she says she's finally online or not.

I miss her very very much and I'm hoping that she comes back maybe somewhere in September or in the next 3 months.

And no this does not mean that Penguin Warriors is gonna be cancelled, it will still be going on.

Thank you for reading this very important message..